The Prayer Closet
The Prayer Closet

About us, at least currently, is more an about me.

My name is Tom Cooper and I have lived 65 years to date. Much longer than I anticipated in my wayward youth. God felt so kind as to sustain me to this ripe old age and I hope I have a few good years left to serve Him and help lead others into Glorifying His Name.

I wanted a place where people could escape for a few minutes, or a few hours to concentrate on the Lord, and intercede on behalf of our Families, our Churches, our Cities, Our Nation, and the World,

A place where we can be alone with the Father, or together with other believers sharing our time in prayer and intercession on behalf of the world around us.

I have added some valuable resources, and a forum to communicate, and occasionally I will write something that is on my heart.

I won’t always get things right, but I believe that the Lord is more interested at this time in our brothers and sisters needs, then He is in their creeds. As long as we agree on the fundamentals of our faith (See our Statement of Faith)

The Lord is seeking Unity between Believers and Denominations. The world needs to see a Church that Loves Each Other as He has Loved Us.

I am not suggesting we allow heresy or false teaching. We can however, as a Baptist agree in prayer with a Pentecostal, as a Catholic we can love a Methodist. We can put aside the differences in our personal theology to realize God has saved people from every nation and tongue, and color and creed.

I don’t believe there are many races in the world. Race is the devil’s greatest tool to divide people who have no other reason to hate each other. I believe we are all of One Race – the Human Race, made in God’s image. Of course we are from many cultures, backgrounds, complexions and languages. This is God’s way of making sure our world is not boring. Think of the differnt foods, and music, and art , and clothing etc… we have to celebrate because of our differences.

This is NOT a place for malice, arguments, insults, or personal agendas. The Prayer Closet is a place for believers in the One True God, Saved by the Blood of Jesus (Yeshua) gathering together on behalf of the world that surrounds us.

I pray we will all treat each other with respect. Even when we may disagree.

God Bless each of you as you devote some measure of your time to the Lord.

Tom Cooper